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Sunday, August 31, 2014

My 4th grade classroom 2014-2015

Love this little reading area.  And to think I almost got rid of that bench because I didn't like way it looked.  So glad I kept it.  Turned out perfect

The above three pictures are the front of my classroom.  My whole group meeting area and white board.  My little teacher is peeking out some behind there.  Look at those birds nests on the cute.  Those are my jobs for students.

My writing desk for students, along with the word wall.  I have a small wooden bench for students to sit on and read.  The blue bins are for student read to self book bags.  Above the bench is writers workshop writing stages (publish is missing).  Students place their personal clip on the stage they are currently writing in.

"living Room"....My favorite area!  To the left in the green bins are picture books sorted by genre.  The bulletin board is for student writing.  This year I did decorate my filing cabinet (ran out of blue flowers for the bottom drawer and can't find them anywhere.)  Turned out sooo cute.  The owl painting is something my mom made for me last year.  She is an amazing artist.

View from my front door.  The hanging birds in their birds nests labels the tables for me (I got this idea from school girl style.)  Daily 5 back wall is where I hang our anchor I charts.

My cute little teacher area.  I do not clutter my classroom with one of those huge desks.  I keep to just a simple computer desk.  This year I covered it with fabric to hide all the cords and my printer.
focus Wall with two computers

Another picture of my writing area.

Leveled (DRA and guided reading) books for Good Fit Books.  Green baskets are the leveled books (two sides).  The front facing chapter books are organized by genre or author.

Another cute picture of my living room and filing cabinet.  This year I have invited students to bring in personal art work or pictures to make the classroom their own. The pink and yellow piece is from one of my students.
Out side of the classroom bulletin board.  The students this week did a bioglyph on cardstock kid shapes.  Turned out sooo cute.  This is the board I stapled them to.

Another view of my classroom.  Those tall cabinets are where I put the CAFE menu. 

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